100 Squad

100 Squad

Members who have completed 100+ days of working out

Dedrick Henry


Our very own Dedrick Henry completed his 100th workout at Urban Perform on December 8, 2016. Dedrick has been a part of Urban Perform since the very beginning and serves on our Board of Directors! Congratulations, Dedrick! Dedrick not only lifts really heavy weights but he also passionately serves our community!

Samantha Simmons


On July 11th, Samantha completed her 100th workout at Urban Perform! Ms.Samantha has been committed to coming to UP for over a year and is always a joy to have around. She’s not only made a commitment for herself, but has inspired her kids to start getting active, too!

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Val Walker & Diane Terrell

2 UP members completed their 100th visit during Strengthen & Lengthen on June 13th. Both Ms.Val Walker and Ms.Diane Terrell completed their 100th visits on the 13th. Both of these ladies have  been working hard over the past year to two years to improve their health and the health of their family and friends.

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Clarice Farrell


On May 25th, 2016 Clarice Farrel joined the UP 100 Squad! Clarice is a regular in our evening classes and is always challenging herself by upping her weights and intensity. She brings a great energy to every class she attends! Congratulations, Clarice!

John Farnum


We are so excited to welcome John Farnum to the 100 squad! John joined the 100 squad on May 25th, 2016 and has been a regular at UP since the beginning. He can be found in our early morning circuit training class. John is always excited when a workout includes his favorite star jumps or burpees!

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John Petro


Congratulations to new 100 squad member, John Petro! John joined the 100 squad on May 23rd, 2016. You can expect to find John getting in a great boxing workout using the punching bags at UP. He’s always looking for a workout buddy, so if you want to use the bags, John is the one to ask!

Diane Henley


On May 9th 2016, Diane Henley completed her 100th day of working out at Urban Perform becoming our first early morning regular to join the 100 squad! Diane continually impresses others with her ability to make health a priority while juggling a busy schedule. Diane can be found pushing herself to the limit in our early morning Circuit Training classes every Mondays and Wednesdays.

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Izrael Hinds

IMG_7755 copy

On April 18th we welcomed our first youth member to the 100 Squad! Izrael has been working out at Urban Perform for over a year and is committed to reaching his goals. Izrael not only works out on his own at Urban Perform regularly, but he also participates in sports at Grady High School. He is inspiring other members as he works to become healthier and  stronger in his youth.

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Mecca Adams


Mecca Adams was the first member to join the 100 squad in 2016! Mecca has been a regular at Urban Perform for almost 2 years. You can find Mecca in many of our weeknight classes. She’s a regular in our Strengthen & Lengthen and Guns, buns, & abs classes. Her commitment to fitness and health has inspired her own mom to start coming to the gym with her more regularly.

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Malik Heard


Congratulations to the newest member of the 100 Squad, Malik Heard! Malik has come a long way in his fitness journey. Over the past 8 months Malik has become a regular in our weekly indoor cycling classes, dominated the weight racks, and lost so much weight that he had to buy new pants! His smile, attitude of excitement, and willingness to try new things bring joy to everyone at the gym.

When he was presented with his 100 squad award, Malik exclaimed that he was so excited he felt like he had won an Oscar! Read his story here.

Debra Coleman


Ms. Debra has been a committed member at Urban Perform since April of 2015. In October 2015 she became the 4th member of the 100 squad. Over the past 7 months, Ms. Debra has committed to exercising regularly and eating healthier. She’s now passionate about nutrition, exercise, and sharing what she’s learning with others in her family and at Urban Perform.

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Leroy Braxton

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Leroy has joined the 100 Squad by completing his 100th workout in 2015! Leroy has been a regular at Urban Perform since we opened in Vine City in March 2014. He has seen improvements in health and daily behavior. Read his story here!

Timica Stella

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In August 2015, Timica completed her 100th workout at Urban Perform and became the newest member of the 100 Squad! Timica is an inspiration to all our new members and her daughter competes with the Tri-Kids triathlon program. Timica is helping her whole family become healthier and is playing a role in helping other UP members start their fitness journeys! Read Timica’s success story here.

Markita Jordan


Markita was the first Urban Perform member to join the 100 Squad! On July 15th she attended her 100th day at Urban Perform in 2015! Markita has been a consistent member of Urban Perform since it opened in the new location in March 2014.

You can read more about her health journey here.