The Problem & Solution

The Problem: The US obesity epidemic is growing.  According to PhitAmerica, 28% of Americans are sedentary.  We are not only eating poorly, but we are exercising less.  2/3rds of our country is either overweight or obese.  In poor communities, we often find food deserts so many urban gardens are popping up.  But, we cannot only fight obesity with increasing wholesome food opportunities.  We must also increase opportunities to exercise. The 2014, CDC Physical Activity report showed that 58.9% of GA youth have no access to community centers in their neighborhoods. In Atlanta, Buckhead has 32 fitness centers, Midtown has 13 and Downtown Atlanta has 9.  In English Avenue, Vine City and Washington Park, Urban Perform is the only full service fitness center.

The Solution: Urban Perform (UP) is a non-profit organization making exercise accessible and affordable to the underserved communities of English Avenue, Vine City and Washington Park in Atlanta.

  • Increased Accessibility = We are striving to remove all ‘Fitness Deserts’ by remodeling abandoned spaces in low resourced communities where obesity and hypertension are rampant.
  • Increased Affordability = We operate with a flat rate pricing system. Everyone under the age of 18 is free. For those over 18 years of age, the first visit is free with subsequent visits/classes costing $2 each.  We also offer monthly membership options.