Monday, 7:30 PM

This class is a blend of meditation, reflective safe space and restorative sound experience. The class opens with a guided meditation rooted in a different intention set for each week, flowing right into sound bath. A sound bath is a meditative experience that supports states of deep relaxation, where stress releases and healing can occur through the use of crystal quartz bowls and gongs. Afterwards, we hold space for each other to discuss and process all the new insights from the experience.

Please bring things that may aid in your relaxation on the floor: pillows, blankets, cushions, sleep mask, etc.

Doors close at 7:45 PM. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you have had a history of seizures, or currently have thrombosis, you will not be permitted without a doctor’s note with their permission to participate. Sound Baths are not recommended for women in their first to eighth weeks of pregnancy. 

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