Diane’s Success Story



Diane Henley, Vine City resident, has been attending Urban Perform since it’s start in 2012. Diane was excited to see an affordable avenue for exercise start in her neighborhood! When talking about Urban Perform Diane noted the community aspect of UP saying:

My friends and neighbors were going to classes and it was fun to do it together. UP has provided a place within walking distance for us to exercise affordably while surrounded by friends and neighbors who are doing the same thing. I have loved that we get to encourage each other, challenge each other, and keep each other from giving up!

When asked about what role UP has played in her personal health, Diane said:

When I started going to circuit training classes at UP, the workouts pushed me to do things I’m too lazy to do on my own and to have a more balanced view of exercise and fitness.  I’ve attended UP classes through my last two pregnancies, and the instructors have been awesome to help me find safe ways to continue being active throughout different stages of life.

In the future, Diane hopes to complete real pull-ups as she continues to get stronger. You’ll find her at UP’s early morning circuit training classes where she rarely misses a class because, “knowing that my friends will be there provides the accountability to actually get out of bed when my alarm clock goes off!”