We are looking for qualified, passionate individuals to intern with us for school credit.

Intern Testimonials

What impact did you see Urban Perform having on the community?

Urban Perform is impacting the communities it seeks to serve in Atlanta. Member’s eyes are being opened to the value of exercise and they are learning that exercise can be life changing! Urban Perform is bringing community members together. Urban Perform is meeting a huge need of the community. They are providing a place for people to start their journey towards a healthier lifestyle. UP is more than a gym in this community, it is a place where people encourage one another, build relationships, and pursue healthy lifestyles together.

For the residents in the Vine City/English Avenue area UP is not just a gym, it is also safe place for the community to build new relationships, to become more educated about their health, to take advantage of FREE youth programs, and to shop for affordable and fresh groceries.


What did you learn from your internship?

Interning at UP allowed me to learn a number of things, many of which I did not anticipate. I gained valuable business and organizational experience. Every day at UP is full of surprises and because of this I learned to be flexible and how to adjust to changes and challenges in daily operations and scheduling. Many of the things I learned during my time at UP are hard to quantify as they were relational. UP gave me the opportunity to learn more about myself and grow in many ways.

As with any internship, I learned and grew through the entire internship. Not only did I learn about fitness and daily operations of a nonprofit gym, but I also grew personally and professionally. I got to see real public health problems and work towards finding real solutions. More than anything, I had first hand experiences outside of the classroom.


Job Description

Volunteer Job Title: Fitness Management Intern

Reports to: Executive Director

Time commitment: 15-20 hours per week

Responsibility: The Fitness Management Intern will have the opportunity to work within our varying programs serving youth and adults.  This person will be responsible for assisting the Directors in running the gym facility and will have the opportunity to teach classes, run programs and help individuals reach their fitness needs.

About Urban Perform: Founded in January 2012 as a local nonprofit gym, we work to improve the health of families in underserved communities by promoting quality nutrition and active lifestyles. We partner with local organizations to decrease rates of obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes; thus, creating a health conscious change in the community. We provide free fitness and nutrition programs for kids as well as $2 classes in various formats for adults including circuit training, Spin, Zumba, and Yoga. We currently serve the English Ave, Vine City and Washington Park neighborhoods on the Westside of Atlanta.

About the Position: This position is offered during the spring, summer and fall semesters.  The target population of Urban Perform is predominately non-hispanic Black individuals who live in the English Avenue Vine, Vine City and Washington Park communities.  Fitness Management Interns with Urban Perform will have the opportunity to gain experience in many different aspects of the fitness industry, including, but not limited to:


Key Duties:

Application Procedure: To apply for this position please email a cover letter and resume with INTERNSHIP in the subject line to Internships can be done for degree credit and are unpaid.


We are looking for excellent volunteers!

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Volunteer Testimonials

UP is the neighborhood spot…where everyone knows everyone and you’re always welcome. Their commitment to exposing undeserved communities to health and wellness is infectious. And they make it easy and affordable…what’s better than that?!
Volunteering at UP is a great way to share my passion for fitness with people I wouldn’t get a chance to reach otherwise. Everyone is motivated and eager to learn something new. Their energy feeds me and reminds me why I do what I do!

Camille Jones
Guns, Buns & Abs Instructor
When I heard about UP through a news article, I knew I had to get involved! I truly believe in the healing power of regular physical activity and that everyone deserves access to safe, fun, and affordable health recreation.

Doree Gardner
20x20x20 and Kickboxing Instructor
The Urban Perform experience has truly been a blessing. As we work together in class it is evident that we are all very different in mind and body. Yet, after knowing someone for only an hour, it becomes clear that we are all very much the same in Spirit. Urban Perform is about uniting us in this one Spirit. In this union is tremendous potential for good. The people I see in class are a joy to work with and inspire in me a desire to work hard to be with them in ways that promote health and well-being. In our work together on the mat we can lift each other up.

Mary Jo Ricketson
Yoga Instructor


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