Izrael’s Success Story


Izrael Hinds, 16, has been attending Urban Perform since summer 2015. After an eviction notice forced his family to move to Vine City, Izrael’s dad found Urban Perform. People had been calling Izrael weak and small, so he wanted to see if he could get bigger and stronger.

I’m not going to lie, I would choose this over LA fitness any day, because this pushes me. I don’t need fancy machines. This pushes me more. I can do everything I need here.

When asked what changes he has experienced, Izrael says:

I’ve seen drastic changes in 7 months. I cant imagine what I can achieve if I keep going. It’s about what you do outside of here too – sleeping good and eating healthy. I’ve been doing all of that for 7 months straight.

When asked where he would be without UP, Izrael says:

I would be lying on the couch eating junk. Urban perform helped me be stronger but with other things too, like having a more positive attitude. UP helped me inside and out. Since coming I’ve been getting involved in other things, going out more, I’m more confident and just not so lazy anymore. Without Urban perform I wouldn’t be this way.

Izrael told us, “Urban Perform is the place; It’s Legit! And, it’s the best gym I’ve ever been to!” So we had to ask him what sets UP apart. Izrael says:

I would say, creativity. You can take the weight and use it. You can use anything. You can be creative and feel free with it. I’ve felt welcomed with open arms. It’s not expensive. I can come because it’s free. If I had to pay every time I wouldn’t be able to. I’m really using the opportunities I have.

Izrael’s favorite type of workout is strength training, specifically back squats and bench press. He is always looking for a challenge when he walks in the door!