John’s Success Story


Washington Park resident John Farnum started coming to Urban Perform because he knew he needed to start cross training instead of solely running. A number of his friends and neighbors came to Urban Perform, so he figured he would give it a try. It’s been two and half years and John is still coming to UP regularly!

John’s continued coming to UP because:

It has  helped me be consistent with my exercising. I always find exercising with other people to be better than exercising alone. I use to go to a different gym, but I didn’t really see a whole lot of a change. I never thought I would go to a class at a gym, but I do and I see more of a change than I did on my own and I feel as good as I did in high school!

John noted that Urban Perform has definitely had an impact on the community. He said:

I think it gives people a hope and a belief that THEY can have a healthy lifestyle. It’s not just for some other type of people who “do that,” but it’s something that anyone can do.

One day John hopes to win American Ninja Warrior! Until then, he’ll continue coming to UP for circuit training classes because “it’s definitely worth it!”