Leroy’s Success Story


Leroy Braxton, 46, has been a resident of Vine City for 2 years and has been working out at Urban Perform since it opened. He saw the flier on his door and came to UP with the hope of crafting a healthier lifestyle. He says that having a gym in the community helps to motivate people.

When asked how UP has helped him in his journey to better health, Leroy says:

I have a new health perspective. I get up each day and make exercise a part of my routine. Urban Perform classes and open gym are a part of my regular routine. I now exercise and eat right. I even jog now! I do things I did not do before. My blood pressure is lower. I am in better shape, and I have a healthier way of being. I feel better! I sleep better! I have a new motivation for exercising.

Leroy enjoys the elliptical machine, lifting weights, stretching and taking classes at UP. His future goals include maintaining his weight and keep feeling healthy!