Malik’s Success Story

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Malik, 21, lives in Vine City and was walking by the gym every day. Sasha, our Associate Director, noticed this and met him outside to invite him in to workout. Wanting to lose weight, Malik gave it a try and has been working out at UP ever since.

After just three and a half months of working out at UP, Malik told us that he has already lost weight and seen positive changes in his body. Making small steps in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, Malik told us:

I started changing my eating a little bit. I drink a lot more water now. I am getting used to working out longer.

Not only is Malik making progress physically, but he is realizing some other benefits to exercise too. When asked why he comes to UP, Malik said:

To relieve stress. Sometimes when I get off work, I get tired and get stressed. When I come to UP, I feel better.

With the goals of losing weight and gaining muscle, Malik is working hard at Urban Perform and expanding his new lifestyle outside of the gym. You can frequently find Malik taking a Kickboxing class, working out in open gym or walking his dog down the street.