Markita’s Success Story

markita 3

Markita Jordan, 31, grew up on the Westside of town and has been attending Urban Perform since mid-March 2014.  C’Lena and C’Rena, Markita’s childhood friends and UP members, are the reason Markita started at UP.  “I was looking for accountability to help me increase my workout capacity and improve the quality of my workouts so C’Lena and C’Rena invited me to UP.  UP is now my regular routine.”

Markita has seen outstanding changes in her health!  When asked how UP has helped her in her journey to better health, Markita says:

Working out at UP has improved my blood pressure levels. I have lost 6 inches around the waist and 20lbs.  My upper body is stronger. I can now run instead of only walking!  I am more confident in my skin, and I am happier when I look in the mirror. I even sleep more, pay attention to what I eat and manage my stress better.  UP encourages us to change our bad habits.

Markita is always bringing new faces to workout.  She is constantly sharing her knowledge and experience with others in hopes to pay it forward.  Markita’s future fitness goals include getting off her blood pressure medication and continuing to make exercise a permanent lifestyle change.