Mecca’s Success Story


Mecca Adams first ventured into Urban Perform because it was located close to her home in English Avenue. She’s continued to come for the past year and a half because

it’s a place to workout with people who can actually listen to you. It’s not just a place to workout.

Over the past year, Mecca has made fitness part of her regular life. She has lost weight and seen numerous physical benefits. When asked about what impact UP has had on her life, Mecca indicated that the benefits are more than just physical saying:

I’m more open and able to see that there is something better out there, which is especially important in this community. I have a goal now…something to work towards and keep me motivated.

Mecca accredits Urban Perform with a number of positive changes she’s noticed in her community. When asked what impact Urban Perform is having on the community, she said:

It’s bringing people off the street and not only to just workout but to meet and connect with each other. People are less standoffish and work together in community as they see that there are common things they’re working towards.

Mecca ended her interview with a smile noting that:

I love everybody here. They’re so sweet. It’s definitely a positive change in my life. It’s something in my life that I want to have. I cherish it.

Mecca can be found most often in Strengthen & Lengthen or Guns, buns, & abs where she loves getting in a great workout and feeling sore for days after.