Mike’s Success Story


Mike Smith (62) came to Urban Perform for the first time with his church buddies. Even though they can’t come as often, Mike has made UP a new home. He is feeling better, sleeping better and eating better.

When asked why he looks forward to working out at UP, Mike said:

I know if I come in all my problems will be taken care of. If I have bad night of sleep or my sinuses are bad, I always feel better after working out. I feel better at work because of coming to Urban Perform. On the basketball court I couldn’t do a layup when I first started, but now I’m making half court shots!

Mike has seen great benefits in how his body and how he feels. He is strongly motivated by how he feels. He says that he is a better man from working out at Urban Perform.

When asked what impact UP has had on the community, Mike said:

A great impact! I’ve seen people in here that normally you just see walking the streets all day with nothing to do. Now they have something to look forward to instead of just aimlessly wondering the streets. People are making better choices and are more disciplined in all areas because of Urban Perform. We’ve got something to do and to look forward to now.

Mike does not just walk the walk; he talks to the talk. He is often encouraging his friends to take better care of themselves. He feels it is never too late to get healthy. Mike loves the bench press and butterflies. You can find him near the weight racks or on the basketball court almost every day.