Ms. Charmaine’s Success Story

Ms. Charmaine

Ms. Charmaine


Ms. Charmaine (age 59) has been a resident of the HE Holmes community since 2009. Before finding Urban Perform, Ms. Charmaine wanted to lose weight, but couldn’t find safe, accessible means to do so. Ms. Charmaine told us:

I tried to start walking on my own but it did not work out. The area I am in is not safe to walk in.

In November 2014, Ms. Charmaine saw fliers for Urban Perform in the post office. When she found out how close Urban Perform was to her house, she decided to come see what it was all about. Although it hasn’t always been easy, she is motivated to lose weight and keep up her healthy habits.

When I came I said, “This isn’t bad I can get my walking in and not be in the street.” It was hard at first. But I said, “I got to do it.” I started losing weight and seeing results.

Not only has Ms. Charmaine been exercising at Urban Perform, but she is changing her lifestyle by eating healthier and staying away from sugar. Ms. Charmaine has already lost 25 lbs and her blood pressure has decreased. You can find Ms. Charmaine at Urban Perform walking on the treadmill or riding the recumbent bike as she continues her weight loss journey!