Ms. Diane’s Success Story


Ms. Diane, 66, heard about Urban Perform from a friend and neighbor. This made her curious enough to come and see for herself what UP is all about. Her smile and energy light up the gym every time she walks in the door.

When asked what role Urban Perform has played in her health journey, Ms. Diane says:

A major part! I was looking for an exercise program that fit me and my schedule, and UP is just that! The one on one attention and guidance from staff has been a big help. I feel like the people here both challenge me and allow me to be my silly self!

When asked what impact Urban Perform has had on the community, Ms. Diane says:

Ohh! I think a big, big one! Because of this facility people have the opportunity to exercise. It is affordable. If Urban Perform did not exist the community would not exercise.

Ms. Diane is a regular in the Strengthen and Lengthen Class and has participated in our Partner Health Challenges. She plans to maintain a healthy weight and keep her arthritis in check.