Ms. Val’s Success Story

It’s a family affair! Ms. Val and her two sons (ages 13 and 8) are regular members at UP.


Valerie Walker, 54, has been a resident of Vine City for 17 years and came to UP because her sister would not stop telling her about us.  Ms. Val now brings her two sons, neighbor and is working on bringing more neighbors.

Ms. Val personifies motivation!  When asked why she comes to UP, Ms. Val says:

When I come here I have the motivation to work out and my sons feel it too! Sasha has shown us lots of different exercises to do.  I am losing weight.  My sons are doing better in school.  I am getting my GED, and exercising is helping me pass my tests. We are also eating better by putting kale in our smoothies.

We asked Ms. Val, what impact Urban Perform was having on the community.  Ms. Val says:

We are so happy you are here.  UP has made the community come together. Friends ride the bus over to UP to workout.  Working out has brought me closer to my neighbors, and I am meeting new people.   Some of the men have helped my sons workout.  It is a family atmosphere.

Ms. Val loves the elliptical and abs with Sasha!  She plans to continue losing weight with the goal to lose 40 total pounds.