Samantha’s Success Story

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Samantha Simmons started coming to Urban Perform after seeing a flyer at her apartment complex. After coming consistently and stopping, Samantha then received shoes for Mother’s Day. This gift motivated her to take her health into her own hands.

Over the past six months, Samantha has gone from a size 20 to a size 16.

You guys (Urban Perform) have been a major part of that. I used to be afraid to even get on that spin bike…now I just finished a class!

When asked how UP has impacted her and her family, Samantha says:

There is so much support here…there have been major affects for my boys. They see me working out and encourage me to do it at home too. They’ve seen me become more active which helps them become active. I’ll jump rope outside and they join in! In the summer, they love the basketball court. It’s helping my whole family stay active and get out of the house. I invite people I know just to show them what’s going on.

When asked what impact UP has had on the community, Samantha says:

Such a good one! The space is full of energy. The programs you do are really positive. And I’m excited that as my boys get older they can come by themselves. It’s safe for them. They can come, be safe, and get in a good sweat!

Samantha has also changed her eating habits. She is a regular at our weekend farmer’s market. Total Strength is her favorite class and she hopes to start running more in the future!