Timica’s Success Story

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Timica Stella is a resident of the Bankhead community and has been attending Urban Perform since February 2015. She heard about our $2 fitness classes from a friend during a healthy cooking class.

When describing the impact UP has had on her life, Timica says:

I was pretty depressed when I started. I feel really good about myself now. I’ll continue to come because I love it! I always feel better after working out. My mood changes now, for the worse, when I can’t work out. I’ve dropped two pant sizes and on my way to dropping another! I’m even on the last loop of my belt and will have to buy a new one!

With a huge smile on her face, Timica shares how UP has impacted her family:

Urban Perform got my daughter involved in Tri-Kids. That was BIG! She never really liked to do anything and now she loves swimming.

Timica has gained a whole new awareness for her body and for a healthy lifestyle. She now eats better (measures her food and eliminated sodas!) and values her sleep more. Strength training is her favorite type of exercise. Her goal is to lose even more weight and feel even better!