Tysen’s Success Story


Tysen Smith, 16, is a Vine City resident who has been coming to Urban Perform since September 2014. Tysen had expressed interest in working out when his mom, Mrs. Laney, saw some flyers in the community. She then checked out the Urban Perform website and thought UP would be a perfect place for her son to get fit!

When asked what role UP has played in Tysen’s journey to better health,

Tysen says:

Urban Perform has made me a lot stronger in general. With overall better fitness, I feel a lot more confident!

Mrs. Laney says:

I love Urban Perform because it gives Tysen something positive to do and at the same time he is taking care of his body. Since coming to class, he is conscious about what he eats. It has even made me shop differently. I buy more fresh fruits and vegetables. He encourages the whole family to eat better.


We asked Mrs. Laney, what impact Urban Perform was having on the community.  Mrs. Laney says:

In most communities where you have high poverty rates, the very last thing you see is a gym. Having Urban Perform in our community is a surprise to outsider and something you would never expect. It has improved the area. It is something that we needed.

Tysen is a regular at our Kickboxing class. His next exercise goal is to learn about martial arts.