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Volunteer Testimonials:

Camille Jones, Guns, Buns & Abs Instructor

UP is the neighborhood spot…where everyone knows everyone and you’re always welcome. Their commitment to exposing undeserved communities to health and wellness is infectious. And they make it easy and affordable…what’s better than that?!

Volunteering at UP is a great way to share my passion for fitness with people I wouldn’t get a chance to reach otherwise. Everyone is motivated and eager to learn something new. Their energy feeds me and reminds me why I do what I do!

Camille N. Jones, a life-long fitness fanatic, is owner of FitATL, a personal fitness business known for the innovative outdoor experience KillerCamp. She received her certification five years ago and has been dedicated to her clients’ health and wellness ever since. As an independent trainer, she has taken what she learned from the industry’s top gyms and is applying it on an individual and small group basis. Follow Camille on Twitter @fitatl or check out her website!


doreeDoree Gardner, 20x20x20 and Kickboxing Instructor 

When I heard about UP through a news article, I knew I had to get involved! I truly believe in the healing power of regular physical activity and that everyone deserves access to safe, fun, and affordable health recreation.

Doree is a recent Atlanta transplant and enthusiastic group fitness instructor at UP. Originally from Sioux City, Iowa, Doree ventured to Arizona State to complete her undergraduate degree in Kinesiology, followed by graduate school at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Doree is passionate about health and spreading the love of fitness, fun, and healthy living to all. Currently, Doree combines her love for educating others, scientific research, and the human body as a researcher at Emory University School of Medicine.





Jen SanAngelophoto (3), Zumba Volunteer Coordinator

Contacting Urban Perform was the best decision I made as a newbie to Georgia. Urban Perform is a positive place of hope an inspiration for me and many others. The people who attend the gym are always grateful for the opportunity to get healthy and bring their positive energy to UP each time I am there. The directors and staff that run UP are always reaching higher. They see no limit to what the community is capable of achieving. They keep reaching their goals. I am inspired to remain healthy because of the residents of Vine City and remain hopeful for the power of community due to the high expectations of the staff.

Jen’s favorite UP memory: One Saturday, when I arrived at UP, I could not find a place to park my car. I saw people walking around near UP and realized that the Farmer’s Market was out back as people were working out inside the gym. There was a buzz!  I felt the pulse of the neighborhood! It was very exciting!





MJheadshot2Mary Jo Ricketson, Yoga Instructor

The Urban Perform experience has truly been a blessing.  As we work together in class it is evident that we are all very different in mind and body.  Yet, after knowing someone for only an hour, it becomes clear that we are all very much the same in Spirit.  Urban Perform is about uniting us in this one Spirit.  In this union is tremendous potential for good. The people I see in class are a joy to work with and inspire in me a desire to work hard to be with them in ways that promote health and well-being.  In our work together on the mat we can lift each other up.

Mary Jo is a yoga instructor and personal trainer with 20+ year’s experience.  She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing and a Master’s degree in Education.  She retired from nursing and teaching to start her own business in wellness education.  Her classes are an integration of training for body, mind and spirit including warming exercises, cardio, core and strength work, yoga and meditation.