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Live healthier, Longer.

community members

Classes are taught by fellow members of the community. Not only are they fitness instructors, they’re friends and family.

enjoy exercise

Just one hour of daily exercise could save your life.   With us, that hour will seem like ten minutes.


Whether you can bench 200 pounds or you can barely  walk up a flight of stairs without running out of breath, you are valuable and deserve a place to exercise.


For those who don't want to break the bank just to take care of themselves

7 Years Of Fighting Obesity and Promoting Exercise

Urban Perform began because residents in English Avenue asked for a safe place to exercise. We are striving to improve the health of families by promoting quality nutrition and active lifestyles.

Our vision is to partner with local organizations to decrease rates of obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes; thus, creating a health conscious change in the community.


Beginner? No problem.


Step Aerobics

Stomp It is a high intensity step/HIIT class incorporating step aerobics with HIIT training with weighted balls, bands, free weights and body weights. Great for the beginner or advanced participant!



Get ready to Punch and Plie Pulse your way through this 45 minute barre boxing workout powered by heart pumping Soca. The class combines boxing cardio intervals with barre inspired toning movements to give you a fun full body workout!


Stress Relief

This class is a blend of meditation, reflective safe space and restorative sound experience. The class opens with a guided meditation rooted in a different intention set for each week, flowing right into sound bath. 

success stories from our members

An active lifestyle has resulted in countless benefits in their lives and it can in YOURS too!

Timica has gained a whole new awareness for her body and for a healthy lifestyle. She now eats better (measures her food and eliminated sodas!) and values her sleep more. Strength training is her favorite type of exercise. Her goal is to lose even more weight and feel even better!


Izrael says, “I would say, creativity. You can take the weight and use it. You can use anything. You can be creative and feel free with it. I’ve felt welcomed with open arms. It’s not expensive. I can come because it’s free. If I had to pay every time I wouldn’t be able to. I’m really using the opportunities I have.”


Tysen Smith, 16, is a Vine City resident who has been coming to Urban Perform since September 2014. Tysen says, “Urban Perform has made me a lot stronger in general. With overall better fitness, I feel a lot more confident!”


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