Cycle of Love

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We are very honored to have our Spin Instructor, Curtis Kester, riding in the Cycle of Love in support of Urban Perform.

“This weekend on November 10th and 11th I have to the opportunity to ride my bicycle from Leeds, Alabama to Atlanta, GA in the Cycle of Love 2012. That’s approximately 165 miles of rolling hills and long roads. This is a ride that was started to help support organizations that have a vision for creating better communities and engaging people. This year I have chosen to ride in support of Urban Perform. I strongly believe in UP, its leaders, and the vision it has to provide the area in which it serves a high quality facility for improving physical health. As a resident of English Avenue I see the need for a top notch and affordable place for neighbors to get exciting about physical fitness and improving their health. I have also had the opportunity to teach an indoor cycling class as well as attend the circuit training class at Urban Perform, which have both helped prepare me for this ride! I ask that you consider sponsoring me in this challenge in support of Urban Perform by providing a financial gift. The vision and work of Urban Perform continues to grow by simple yet powerful acts by many individuals!” – Curtis Kester


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