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Our Executive Director, Laura Pritchard, was featured as a Friday Five guest for Plywood People.

Laura Pritchard loves creating inclusive environments.  She grew up in rural Southwest Virginia and attended the University of Virginia for both undergrad and graduate school where she was the Strength and Conditioning Coach for two National Championship tennis teams. After her sophomore year Laura took off a year to participate in Mission Year, a year-long urban ministry program. Upon finishing her graduate degree in Exercise Physiology, she came on staff with Mission Year and moved back to her Mission Year neighborhood in Atlanta, GA. This past January she founded Urban Perform (UP), a non-profit gym serving the English Avenue and Vine City neighborhoods in Atlanta.  She is an avid nail painter and enjoys running, lifting and hanging out with friends and neighbors.

Plywood People: Can you tell us about the gym you started in West Atlanta?

Laura Pritchard:  At Urban Perform (UP) our goal is to be a safe place that promotes physical health, contributing to the emotional, economical and spiritual health of the neighborhood.  We use exercise to promote upward movement for the next athlete, the over-weight, the single parent, the elderly, the family, the kids on the corner and those looking for a place to belong.

We have a three phase plan for UP.  Currently in Phase 1 we are focusing on elementary and middle school aged kids and women.  As an extension of the New Life SAY Yes! Center, a neighborhood afterschool program, we provide exercise classes for neighborhood kids as well as Zumba classes for the women in our neighborhood.  Phase 2 begins in April with a focus on adults and seniors.  Starting April 9th, we will have open gym hours for the entire community and in May we will have mid-morning exercise sessions for senior adults.  In June Phase 3 will begin with the addition of services for teens and sport specific summer training camps for kids of all ages.  Collegiate and professional athletes will work with the kids for development of sport specific skills.

Ultimately, we plan to have services available for every demographic in our neighborhood by June.

Plywood People: What was your process? How did you get your start?

Laura:  My dream of opening a nonprofit gym in a low-income urban neighborhood began when I was exposed to exercise and nutrition injustice during my Mission Year in Atlanta.  I never fathomed that it would come to fruition less than two years after I finished graduate school.  Though I had dreamed in detail of a nonprofit urban gym, I did not act on this dream until the pastor of my church approached me about starting one in the warehouse of our church.  He said, “Laura, as you know for the last nine months the men in our neighborhood have been voicing their desire to have a safe place to exercise for themselves and their families.  So I think you should start fundraising and make this a reality for the neighborhood.”  I was completely shocked and not ready, but the Lord had already set out my path.  The meeting with my Pastor was in May and I started fundraising in August. By the end of  December we had raised $10,000, became an expansion of the New Life SAY Yes! Center, received equipment from the Miami Dolphins, hired a local contractor, hired neighbors and started remodeling the warehouse facility.  In January we began offering services to the elementary and middle school kids in the afterschool program; a single-mother and neighborhood resident got certified to teach Zumba; Zumba classes started; we received an equipment grant from GoodSports and the Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation.

Though this process was fast, it was not necessarily easy.  I received an extremely large amount of help from my friends and family, who donated their services in all fields: business, graphic design, development, event planning, architecture, website design, accounting and fundraising.  UP was started out of the voices of my neighbors and the support and belief of my friends and family.

Plywood People: What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned in the process of the start-up?

Laura:  I have learned and re-learned so many valuable lessons in the past nine months.  I would say the biggest or newest lesson I have learned is the importance of taking advantage of every single opportunity.  I have probably stayed up later working on projects for UP than I ever did working on papers in college.  The desire to have a nonprofit that is truly making a difference in the community is boiling in my veins and makes me so excited I cannot sleep.  A few months ago I heard this quotation that completely describes how I feel about UP, “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe you will be successful.”  I have cold called and emailed companies, set up meetings with complete strangers, made list after list of things that need to be done all while working another full-time job. In all of these situations I have both succeeded and failed, but no opportunity has been missed.  Taking the time to take advantage of the small leads has brought me to opportunities bigger than I could have imagined.

Plywood People: In diving in, what’s a piece of advice you’d offer to someone wanting to start something new in their community?

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