Logo Painting Party!

Published by Samantha Watkins on

On Saturday January 7th, many of our friends came together to work on cosmetic painting.  We projected the logo on the wall and got busy painting.  Well….actually it wasn't that easy.  First, we tried to trace it with many different writing utensils.  Then, we gave up on that and just began painting within the lines.  A few people with steady hands were given the responsibility of outlining.  While, the rest of us just filled in.  “Perform” will be painted in on January 14th by one of our artist friend.  She will also correct some minor details.

We also hung the hooks for the jump ropes that were donated by the Miami Dolphins and a shelf is being constructed for the rest of the equipment donated by the Dolphins.

We are excited to have the kids start next week with questionnaires and fitness assessments!  We had a few stop by, so we did some agility drills.

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