Meet Carl, our newest employee

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As an organization serving urban Atlanta, one of our goals is to provide economic health to our neighbors.  The newest way we are meeting that goal is by providing jobs and continuing education opportunites.

Meet Carl, he joins our staff as the Open Gym Facilitator.

We sat down with Carl on his first day on the job to ask him a few questions.

What does this job mean to you?

“Working at Up means getting out, working for God and helping others get back in shape while I also get in shape.  My mother feels very good about my employment.  She is excited for me to get healthy, to decrease my chances for high blood pressure and diabetes.  I will be able to help my family by working at the gym.”

What does Urban Perform mean to the community?

“UP provides more opportunities for people to get to a gym as well as afford a gym membership.  Urban Perform gives more people in our neighborhood the chance to become healthy and spiritually rounded.”

Where do you see yourself in a year?

“In one year I see myself in great shape and helping others.  I also see myself as an instructor by receiving training in order to teach the people in my community football, basketball, fitness, nutrition and healthy life choices.”

We are extremely excited to have Carl, a native of English Avenue, on our staff!!

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