Tri-Kids Success!

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After 6 weeks of training, the Tri-Kids fought hard to complete another triathlon. While there were many struggles along the course on Saturday May 16th, the camaraderie and teamwork led to the ultimate success of all 15 students. Though the swim was the most challenging portion of the race, not one student gave up. The companionship between the team became evident when the students crossed the finish line, because they all then turned back to cheer for their teammates and friends!

One student in particular, Monica*, proved to have immense determination as she persevered through the race. Monica panicked in the pool, but completed the swim. As she moved on to the bike section, Monica went the wrong way, and almost tried to quit. With the support of coaches and teammates, she finished the bike section and the run. Afterwards, both Monica and her teammates were proud of her persistent attitude that led her to a successful completion of the race!

Thanks to the training and preparation through out the season, led by David Dashiell and numerous assistant coaches, all the students persevered to the completion of the race. After four successful seasons with Tri-Kids, Urban Perform sends out a huge thank you to the volunteers, coaches and parents for their loyal support and enthusiasm for these students!

Check out more pictures here!

*Names have been changed for the protection of our youth.

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